The San Francisco housing market is so absurd that teachers are living in dorms — even though their salaries are some of the highest in the country

Housing is so costly in San Francisco that the average teacher can only afford 0.7% of the homes on the market, according to a Trulia study.Most cities are becoming less affordable for teachers as housing prices rise faster than their salaries.Housing costs are also a problem — especially in San Francisco — for restaurant workers, programmers, and even doctors. More

How To Find Affordable Housing In Virginia

Senior Apartments
If you are looking to move to a state that has a low cost of living and affordable housing, then you might want to consider moving to Virginia. Virginia is a beautiful state and there are lots of different housing options that you can take advantage of, whether you are looking to buy a house or rent an apartment. Virginia has a strong job market and it also has a good food scene. More